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Jukwaa Huru April 2024

International Dance Day is in April and we are celebrating it by bringing you 8 contemporary dance productions. Join us at Muda Kona in Dar es Salaam from 18-20 April 2024 for a showcase of performances from across East Africa.  

The dance productions delve into various themes of women empowerment, the concept of restitution, transitions from traditional to modern societies, shifts in life dynamics caused by unexpected changes, intricacies of womens' relationships, youth aspirations for wealth and success, the human experience of moving forward despite challenges, interdependence as a key to growth and how the human collective can dismantle the shackles of poor leadership.


THURSDAY 18 APRIL, 7.30pm:

Mcheza Kwao Utunzwa by Sisti Assenga (Tanzania)

Frozen Power by Ian Mwaisunga (Tanzania)

FRIDAY 19 APRIL, 7.30pm

Sudden Moments by Maulid Owino (Kenya)

Whispers of Unity by Fatuma Bwanali (Tanzania)

Multitude by Wesley Ruzibiza (Rwanda)


Ujana na Tamaa by Mahmoud Mbega (Tanzania)

Without You by Rabia Ngwache (Tanzania)

Madaraka by African Roots (Tanzania)

Choose your entry fee: 2,000 TZS or 5,000 TZS or 10,000 TZS or more…

This event is supported by: The Embassy of Norway, Ignite Culture (ACP, ACP-EU, EU, Heva, British Council), Braid Fund, BASATA, Humboldt Forum.

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