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Our Vision

Muda Africa is a non-governmental organisation founded on the belief that the creative sector is essential in developing and sustaining social, cultural and economic progress for youth.


We believe that contemporary dance, in particular, cultivates the individual and collective spirit of creativity, trust, cooperation, discipline and openness to change. These fundamental values and skills will help the youth of Tanzania become agents of positive change in the society.

 Muda, means “time” in Swahili. Time alludes to movement, rhythm and space but also to a modern urban Africa integrated with traditional knowledge and wisdom. Muda Africa represents the present, with firm roots in the past, defining our vision of the future.


Our Mission

Muda Africa set up a professional dance school in 2013 for the study and practice of African Contemporary Dance. Its nationally accredited program is built to equip the dancers to navigate, and be employable in the creative industry sector worldwide.

Makuka teaching.JPG
Our Mission
Pili Maguzo solo.JPG

Our Core Values

Artistic Excellence



Curiosity and experimentation

Team spirit and collaboration

Passion and determination

Pursuit of life-long learning

"Muda Africa is the Mama of Dance in Tanzania"

Tadhi Alawi, Alumni 2016

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